Always leave a lasting impression with your data! Create stunning graphs and charts with ease and learn how to utilise charts with Microsoft Excel 365. This course is designed to teach you how to create charts, learn about the wide variety of charts available in excel and the best way to modify and format them.


Visualising Data with Charts

What’s in this course


Creating charts using existing data


Learn About Chart Types


Modify Existing Charts


Chart Creation Guidelines

Microsoft Excel 365: Visualising Data with Charts

Students will learn about the wide variety of charts that are available and how to insert them. They will also learn about the best way to modify and format charts.

  • Create charts
    • About charts
    • About chart types
    • How to insert a chart
    • How to resize and move a chart
    • How to add additional data
  • Modify and format existing charts
    • About modification vs. formatting
    • About chart elements
    • Guidelines for including chart elements
    • About the Chart Tools

Main Topics


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